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L I S A  R I Z Z O

Hard work is my mantra. Good enough isn't enough good.

About Me

Hello, my name is Lisa Rizzo! After graduating with a philosophy degree, I moved to Korea and taught English for 3 years. Upon returning, I fulfilled my childhood dream of working at John Ball Zoo.

There is a growing disparity between technological tools available and who they are available to. I became a software developer in order to have a stronger voice in how technology can change society. I want to be the change I want to see in the world. JOIN ME.



Develop new opportunities through implementation of software

  • Built and deployed e-commerce stores for B2B and B2C needs
  • Managed $150,000 in omni-channel sales and product fulfillment
  • Integrated tools for robust data management
  • Configured SEOs, Google ads, and Amazon sales and reviews
  • Supported domain conversions, site security and user restrictions

Research Analyst

Utilize innovative tools to increase fundraising efforts

  • Executed the transfer of 50,000+ membership records
  • Segmented large data improving response rates by 166%
  • Developed an ecommerce store with an ROI of over 200%
  • Tripled customer base and initiated new sponsorship programs
  • Saved cost and increased speed by automating processes

Database Specialist

Integrate databases to discover trends and influence decisions

  • Optimized websiteand mobile capabilities
  • Supervised entry,polices and integrations of databases
  • Tested andtransformed sales with NFC, RDIF, and digital marketing
  • Created business-widedashboards, SQL reports, and crystal reports
  • Provided trainingand technical support for colleagues

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